TOP 3 Use Cases For BOTOX

BOTOX is a powerful neurotoxin that's been approved by the FDA for use across a diverse range of both cosmetic and functional applications. From alleviating Parksinon's related tremors to preventing the discomfort and embarrassment of hyperhidrosis, this injectable has definitely proved its worth in the medical industry. As a cosmetic, however, it has three important applications that are well-worth noting. When inserted into the skin, BOTOX is an effective and very fast-acting, anti-wrinkle agent. Following are three ways in which this increasingly popular injectable can make you look good. 

Smooth Out Crow's Feet 

Dynamic wrinkles are simply motion-related creases caused by cracks in the collagen layer. Constant and ongoing movements in your facial muscles invariably produce tension. As this tension accumulates, it creates cracks in the smooth layer of collagen that exists right beneath your skin. As this collagen layer becomes increasingly blemished and compromised, deepening cracks begin manifesting as wrinkles at the surface of the skin. Like many people, you'll probably develop your very first dynamic wrinkles right at the corners of your eyes. These are the result of frequent laughing and smiling. Once this solution is inserted into the skin near your eyes, your crow's feet will quickly smooth out. This way, you can laugh and smile as much as you want to, without developing any dynamic creases that date your face, diminish your good looks, and reduce your confidence.

Eliminate Peri-Oral Or Smoker's Wrinkles

These same benefits can be achieved at and around the mouth. Pursing the lips to drag on a cigarette, or making this same movement to drink through a straw will eventually create deep vertical lines that radiate outwards from your mouth. It's important to note that smoking can expedite the development of peri-oral wrinkles by drying the collagen layer out, and by making it more prone to cracking. Once BOTOX has been inserted into this area, you can purse and pout as much as you want, without developing any dynamic wrinkles or fine lines that make you look older than you truly are.

Erase The Worry Lines From Your Brow

Another popular treatment area for this product is at the brow. Not only are people prone to furrowing their brows whenever they feel frustrated, angry, stressed, anxious, or confused, but they are also likely to hold this facial expression for extended periods of time. BOTOX injections can instantly release worry lines and frown lines to produce a smooth, seamless visage, and a far more youthful appearance overall.

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